Pool Rules

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North Springfield Swim Club

Pool Rules

Safety is our #1 concern.


The lifeguards on duty are authorized to enforce all pool rules




·   NO GLASS bottles or other glass items are permitted on the pool deck.


·   NO FOOD is permitted on the pool deck, including purchases from the Snack Shack. Food must be eaten in the picnic area.


·       NO DRINKS OTHER THAN WATER are allowed on the pool deck.


·   NO RUNNING on the pool deck. The guards will also stop rough play in or around the pool or other behavior that they feel could cause injury.


·       Toddlers must wear waterproof swim diapers. Cloth or disposable diapers are not permitted. Parents should check their child’s diaper frequently. “Accidents” require the pool to be closed. Individuals who have diarrhea, stomach illness or open wounds must not use the pool.


Children will be required to leave the pool for a 10 minute rest period each hour. During the rest period, they may not enter the baby pool.


Parents must be within arm’s reach of their non-swimming children while they are in the main or baby pool, even if they’re wearing “floaties,” water wings or life vests.


Children under 12 years old must have a responsible person (14 years or older) supervising them  between opening and 6pm, unless participating in a supervised activity such as swim or dive.


After 6pm, all children under 12 years old must have a responsible adult (18 years or older) supervising them or they must leave.


No rafts or large inflatable pool toys are allowed in the pool except on designated raft nights. The guards must be able to see the bottom of the pool for everyone’s safety.


The diving boards are open at the discretion of the life guards. No jumping or diving off the side of diving boards. No diving in the shallow end of the pool.


Patrons must rinse off after using the volleyball court or sandbox before entering the pool.


No smoking or vaping is allowed inside the pool area. Smoking is allowed in the parking lot only.


Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests follow these rules.


Thunder & Lightning: If thunder or lightning is observed, the guards must close the pool immediately. ALL PATRONS MUST IMMEDIATELY LEAVE THE POOL FACILITY. Patrons may not stay in the picnic area or elsewhere within the gates – the pool is under tall trees and is not safe. The safest location will be in a car in the parking lot or at your home. Parents who send unaccompanied children to the pool should have a plan to pick them up in case a storm arises. Safety guidelines require that the pool remain closed for 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning is observed.