Pool Rules

Welcome to North Springfield Swim Club!

NS-SC.org Pool Rules

Members Should Know and Follow

Safety is our #1 concern.

Your pleasant pool experience is our # 2 concern.

· NO GLASS on the pool deck.

· NO FOOD on the pool deck — food is ONLY allowed in the picnic area.

· NO RUNNING or rough, loud playing in the water or on the decks.

· No foul language.

· No smoking or vaping inside pool gates; smoking allowed in parking lot area only.

· Do not speak to the lifeguard while they are sitting in the chair; speak to the lifeguard in the office.

· Respect the lifeguard’s authority and do as they ask you.

· Children under 10 years old, must have a responsible, adult (18 years or older) supervising them, during all pool hours.

· At 6pm, all children under the age of 13 years old must have a responsible adult (18 years or older) with them—or they need to leave.

· No rafts or large inflatable pool toys allowed in the pool; only on special designated raft nights.

· Be within arm’s reach of your non-swimming children while they are in pool—even with ‘swimmies’ and life vests.

· No more than 2 bounces on diving boards

· No jumping or diving off side of diving boards.

· No diving in shallow end of pool.

· Closing the diving boards is at guards’ discretion.

· No squirt guns of any kind.

· No hanging on basketball net or dunking.

· No games that can cause injury.

· Any members who use volleyball or sand box must rinse off before entering pool area.

· If you have a glass beverage, please pour into plastic cup and promptly recycle the glass bottle.

· If drinking alcoholic beverages, please be discreet, do not over indulge.

Thanks for your cooperation!