Guest Information


Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as are Club members. All guests must register at the sign‐in desk and be accompanied by a member during their visit to the facilities. The guest fee rate is $7 per person per day, regardless of age, 7 days a week.

The member will be billed at the end of the swim season (Oct.) for all guest fees at the rate of $8.00. All fees must be paid by December 31st to avoid a 20% ($1.00 minimum) penalty charge. The pool does not accept cash at the front desk (see below).

Day Passes

For the convenience of our members, you can now purchase 'day of' guest passes (Day Passes) $7 per person per day. These are for sale at our Snack Shack. You can use cash or a credit card.


Each “Guest Pack” contains ten (10) admissions to the pool for any day of the week. Cost $55.00 per package if you order before May 15th. This is the lowest rate you’ll see all year. It is recommended that you purchase them at that time, because AFTER May 15th, the cost jumps to $65.00.

NOTE: All Day Passes are non‐refundable, non-transferable, and are only valid on the day they are purchase and dispersed. Guest Packs are added to your account and remain valid until used. Unused passes roll over in the following year.

Babysitters and Care Providers

A babysitter must be an adult (18 or older) unless accompanied by an adult member. A permission slip from the parent that includes the name of the child/children, the name and signature of the babysitter, and emergency phone number must be completed and provided to the Club.

When members fill out their membership forms, babysitter information is required to be filled out on the form.

If the babysitter is not a member of the family and therefore, not included in the pool membership, the family has 3 options:

    • purchase a babysitter pass through the membership director for the whole summer for $50

    • purchase guest passes through membership director, 10 visits for $55/$65

    • purchase a daily guest pass at Snack Shack 'day of' for $7 per day

For additional information regarding fees for a babysitter(s), please contact Membership NSSC <>.