Pool Clean Up Days

Sign Up for 2022 Clean Up Days is here!

Visit our sign-up genius to choose your date.

Pool Clean Up News

We would love to see everyone help get our member-run pool ready for the season!

There is a lot to be done as you will find by clicking sign-up genius above.

For More info: Patti Brockmeier pabrockmeier@gmail.com

*Check emails that morning in case of bad weather.

Clean-Up Day (Temporary & Permanent Members)

All permanent members are asked to volunteer minimum of 4 hours (per membership, must be 15 years or older) or pay a cleanup fee of $45. We would love to see everyone help get our member‐run pool ready for the season! Temporary members will earn 10 guest passes.

All Clean-Up Days are Weather permitting

Notes About Clean-Up Days

We ask that you bring appropriate tools and if you have specific skills, volunteer for one of the many projects that will be ongoing. Suggested tools list: broom rakes, rakes, shovels, spades, pitchforks, and wheelbarrows.

Please take appropriate precautions for poison ivy and sticker bushes if working on cleanup outside of the pool's fenced area. PLEASE mark your equipment so it can be returned to you.

Water and enthusiasm provided!