2022 Membership Info

How can you Join?!

You now have two options when joining our pool. You can join by mail or online!

Online Membership Form

2022 Printable Membership and Activities Form

Click here --> "Payments" to make payments

For any Pool Membership inquiry, please contact:

Membership NSSC <>

Memberships paid in Check Form (preferred payment) can be sent to:

North Springfield Swim Club

P.O. Box 1209

Springfield, VA 22151

Membership Payment Due Date:

$65.00 late fee after May 15th

[this late fee applies to CURRENT PERMANENT MEMBERS ONLY!]


The pool reserves the right to request proof of residency for anyone listed on the membership. Family memberships include 2 adults and your children residing in your house.

The dues for this season are:

  • Permanent Family Membership: $525.00

  • First Year Permanent Membership: $750 (includes one-time non-refundable member fee of $225 and first years' dues of $525)

  • Couple Rate Membership (pool shareholders, must be permanent members for a household of 2 people [max]): $415.00 (children under 2 are free)

  • Senior Membership Fee (65+ max 2 people per membership/must be a permanent member): $325.00

  • Single Membership Fee (must be a permanent member): $325

  • Temporary Family Membership Fee: $600

Cleanup Fee: $45.00 for current permanent members who do not participate in at least one cleanup day (minimum 4 hours)

Temporary members ‐ Do you want to help the pool look amazing for opening day. Work a minimum of 4 hours during any clean‐up day and receive a guest pass with 10 punches.

Dues cover our mortgage, operating costs, and reserves for repair and maintenance.

Activities Fees (Dolphins Dive and Swim) are paid online via Swimtopia or by check

Please Apply and Pay Online - Please follow the link to register and pay for your Swim and Dive!

Activity Fees -

$100 for one sport - $150 for a second sport

Multiple Child Discount -

Child 1, single sport: $100

Child 2, single sport: $90

Child 3, single sport: $80

Second Sport for all children: +$50

Little Flippers Program cost - $75



Membership NSSC <>