NSSC Employment Opportunities

Life Guards

Get your lifeguard training so you can be a member of the lifesaving team this summer. Click on the link below for lifeguarding courses:

Find out more about Life Guard Certification with Red Cross here.

Life Guards - Pool Operators

Do you have your Operator's License? Let us know! 

We are always looking for lifeguards with this additional training and ability. 

Front Desk Staff

Front Desk staff:  must be 14 years old ON OPENING DAY with a work permit signed by parents. For summer birthdays, apply and could start work during the summer.

Front desk supervisor: previous experience working at the front desk; main responsibility is scheduling, and communicating with the front desk staff.

Info for work permit for front desk staff (you can find employment forms on the below website) :

Virginia.gov Child Labor Laws and Information

Pool Manager 

Every summer we hire a Pool Manager for the summer season.

Qualifications: must have or attend a training session to receive an “operator’s license”.  Must be a pool member in good standing.

Duties:  schedule and supervise lifeguards and front desk staff; keep the pool maintained and in good operational condition. Report to Staff Manager (see below)

Hours and salary are negotiable.

PLEASE NOTE:  All employment applications should be mailed to:

Email RESUME and APPLICATION to Operations & Staff Manager 

Kathy Ayers kaayers@fcps.edu

Deadline for Application April 15th - employment application