Thunder & Lightning Policy

If you hear it, clear it and if you see it, flee it…

NSSC follows the National Lightning Safety Institute Indoor/Outdoor Pool Guidelines.

When thunder is heard and or lightning is seen the pool will be closed for 30 mins from last thunder and or lightning,  NO EXCEPTIONS.

We have the safety and best interest of our patrons in mind. Members will be required to leave the pool and picnic area.  We do realize this may be an inconvenience, but we want to make sure all members are safe.  Waiting in your vehicles is the best option for safety and is our policy in place. If a closed metal top vehicle isn't available, Lighting Safety Institute, and Fairfax County recommend you seek shelter indoors.

Parents or guardians who allow their children to come to the pool by themselves should have a discussion with them about what they expect them to do if the pool is cleared for thunder or lightning. 

We follow the prevailing guidance by Fairfax County sports, schools and other recreation organizations.

You can tell how far away lightning struck by counting seconds between the flash and the thunder. Every 5 seconds equals one mile, so if you count 10 seconds until you hear the thunder, the lightning flash was 2 miles away.  Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles away from a storm.  When you first see lightning or hear thunder, that is the time to take action.  Go to a building or a vehicle. Lightning often precedes rain, so don’t wait for the rain to begin before suspending activities.