Come Join Us! 

Please Join Us @ the Pool!

The North Springfield Swim Club is offering an End-of-the-Season Membership. For only $200, you can get access to our great pool, volleyball and tennis courts, and children's play area until we close in September. Plus, you can participate in our various popular social activities throughout this time. At $200, that's less than $5/day! 

But wait – there's more. 

If you are already a member of another pool and want to try us out for the rest of the season, we'll give you an additional discount, and if you are a current member, we're offering you a free $10 snack shack Dolphin Dollars card if you have a guest who signs up for a membership. Contact for more details. 

See you at the pool! Front Gate -- Members must Sign-Up!
Members Must Stop At The Front Desk

Members -- Please be aware we are now requiring ALL persons seeking entry to NSSC to stop at the front desk, verify their membership status by showing their card, and sign in any guests. If you do not have your membership card with you, you will be required to wait at the front desk while our staff confirms your member status. We are seeing an uptick of non-members attempting to sneak in, which is not fair to our paying members and presents an issue for insurance coverage. Please help out our front desk staff by being prepared to show your member card when you come to the club, and if your children come to the pool without you, please be sure they have their member card with them.

  • Tuesdays are Toddler Tuesdays @ the Pool

    Toddler Tuesdays @!
    Parents of our youngest members (ages 0-5):  Toddler Tuesdays are back!

    From 9:30-11 am on Tuesdays, the baby pool, sandbox, and playground will be open for use. Please feel free to come (older supervised siblings are also welcome) and meet other parents!

  • Wednesdays are Grill Nights, Volunteer to be a Host Grill Master Wednesday Grill Nights

From about 5:30-6:30 p.m. a NSSC family takes over the grill for made-to-order hamburgers ($3), cheeseburgers ($3), and hot dogs ($2). Thank you to the Getsey Family for our 6/13 meal and to the Balbuena Family for our 6/20 meal.

We need additional volunteers for Wednesday Grill Nights, especially for July 11th.  Please sign-up for your family to grill for us at  We will provide the supplies/food and the Snack Shack will take the money.  You can choose the time; however, please plan on warming up the grill by 5:45 pm at the latest (preferably 5:30 pm). Your family will eat for free on the night(s) you sign-up.  Please volunteer and sign up to grill @

  • Thursday, August 16: Trivia Night (every other Thursday)

    Thursday Nights @ is Trivia Night!
  • Come test your knowledge! Each week will be a new theme where teams of 1-4 players can see how much they know. Bring a team or find your own there.  Meet the NS-SC Picnic Area @ 7PM.

    Round one is focused on the knowledge of our youngest members and then the questions get increasingly more difficult in subsequent rounds.

  • Sunday, August 19:  Sundaes on Sunday Sundaes on Sunday!

      Sundaes on Sunday at 2:00 PM
      For a $1.50, you can make your own ice cream  
      sundae with all the fixins

  • Saturday, July 21: Paint Night at the Pool with our very own painter Dana Cibulski,   NSSC  'artiste en residence'! Paint Night at the Pool!

    Join your pool friends as resident artist (and pool board president) Dana Cibulski, teaches us how to paint a masterpiece. Pain supplies and light refreshments are included.

    You must sign up and prepay ahead of time ($25 per person). Space will be limited.   Organizer: NSSC Pool Events Committee

Please Note:  Please click on the "Week", or "Agenda" tab to view the link of the NSSC Pool Events Calendar if you feel the "Month" view of the NSSC Pool Events Calendar gives you Pool Events information overload!

NS-SC Social Pool Events Calendar Pool Open 2018 Season!
Welcome to NSSC--one of the warmest and coolest clubs in town! We are known in the area as one of the friendliest, fun, light-hearted swim clubs in NoVa. Check out our "Top 10 Reasons" to join us. We have a family rest room directly off the deck (the only club with this feature in our area!); we have equal amounts of shade and sun on our decks; and we have  low-pressure 'all about fun' swim and dive teams! Go Dolphins!

For general questions, contact Dana Cibulski, President, Board of Directors

New Membership Director - Ken Balbuena

We are excited to announce that Ken Balbuena is taking over the role of Membership Director.

Ken is a familiar face at the pool and the neighborhood. So feel free to congratulate him on taking on this challenging position!

Membership contact:

New Member Sign-In Procedure at the Front Desk

Please note that we are implementing a new member Sign-in procedure at the front desk this week. All members will need to sign in at the front desk. Sign-ins will then be checked against their member card(s) to permit entry. Guests will continue to be signed in using the guest sheet. It is the member's responsibility to announce their guests.

We are implementing this new policy because of the increasing number of non-members attempting to gain access to the pool, sometimes using a member’s number without their knowledge. This is unfair to all who pay dues faithfully and abide by the pool’s rules (and an insurance issue).

Please note that this new process is temporary as we seek a cost-effective solution that effectively identifies current members. Your patience and understanding during this time is greatly appreciated!

Comments and/or suggestions: Stephen Frey, Secretary at

Paint Night - This Saturday

Paint Night with our own President, Dana Cibulski, as our local artist and teacher on Saturday, July 21. Cost is $25 and must be prepaid to reserve your space at the Snack Shack. There are some spots remaining and the money includes supplies, light snacks., and non alcoholic drinks.

Pool Hours 2018

  • Saturday - 18 July - Noon - 9:30 - Morning Home Swim Meet**
  • Daily      11AM - 9:30PM
Check website ( for changes in hours.
*Hours may change due to weather and special events.

**Check out the hot food offerings during the home meets!

Upcoming Dates

  • July 19 - Trivia night at 7PM - Come test your knowledge of science! Teams of 1-4 can compete to win Snack Shack prizes.
  • July 21 - Paint Night at the Pool - Paint Night with our own President, Dana Cibulski, as our local artist and teacher on Saturday, July 21. Cost is $25 and must be prepaid to reserve your space at the Snack Shack. There are only 20 spots and the money includes supplies, light snacks., and non alcoholic drinks. Adults only.
  • July 22 - Sunday - Sundaes on Sunday - Come create a sundae with all your favorite toppings for $1.50
  • Friday, July 27 - Wine Down - Please bring an appetizer and adult beverage to share to the picnic area around 7 p.m. Let's "wine" down from the week. Members 21+ only please. 

Snack Shack Bomb Pops Include Hidden Jokes

This week's Bomb Pop Joke:

What do you call cheese that is not yours?

Nacho Cheese!

Bomb Pops are for sale at the snack Shack for just 50 cents. Includes free joke. Yes, I actually buy one a week, for the jokes:)

Comments / Suggestions / Complaints - Let us Know

Our pool is a member run organization. We love member participation and we hope that you enjoy our pool and its amenities.

If there is something that you really like, or something that you don't like so much, please let us know.

Comments / suggestions: Stephen Frey at
Complaints: Same as above.

We are on FaceBook

Please follow us on Facebook. We post messages during the week including when we have to close for weather, etc.. Pool

Welcome to the North Springfield Swim Club, home of the Dolphins Swim and Dive Teams! The atmosphere at our pool is fun and friendly. Residents of North Springfield come to our pool nestled in a quaint area of our neighborhood to relax and get away from the daily Northern Virginia grind. Become a member and get to know your neighbors and see familiar faces.

The amenities available to the members of North Springfield Swim Club include...
  • Lighted Swimming Pool
  • Dolphins Swim Team -- NVSL Swim Team ages 4-18
  • Dolphins Dive Team
  • Frisbee Disc Golf Course
  • Tennis Program by KOA Sports
           Tennis Coach Jason Parker
  • Lighted Tennis Courts
  • Lap Swimming
  • Swim Lessons
  • Little Flippers
  • Dive Pool
  • Dolphins Snack Shack
  • Foosball
  • Lighted Sand Volleyball
  • Table Tennis
  • Gated and Shaded Baby Pool
  • Children's Playground
  • Children's Play Sand Box
  • Barbecue grills available for members' use while at the pool
  • Dolphins WiFi Wireless Internet
  • Pool Parties for all ages!
What else can you ask for?  JOIN TODAY!

Let me know if you have questions.

President, Board of Directors

Looking around at which club to join this summer? Check out our "Top 10 Reasons to Join NSSC"! Top Ten Image!
Top 10 Reasons to Join
North Springfield Swim Club

10.      Never crowded!

Our pool decks are never too crowded. Members receive a lot of personal attention.

9.        Affordable lessons!

We offer affordable swim lessons for your children! You can choose group lessons in our "Little Flippers" program (only $50) or individual lessons with one of our qualified lifeguards - morning and evening lessons!

8.        No mandatory cleanup fees!

We don't charge our members a mandatory clean-up fee. Unlike other pools, we give our membership an opportunity to lend a hand in sprucing up the property before opening day, in lieu of paying a clean-up fee, on top of dues.

7.        Inclusive sports teams!

We offer low-pressure, emphasis on fun, sports teams to our neighborhood youth, at affordable prices. NSSC Dive, Swim and Tennis teams are open to everyone, no matter what level of athleticism. Practices are offered in the morning AND evening, as opposed to other area pools which only offer morning practices. 

6.        We are closer!

Parents can rest a little more at ease when they know their kids can walk or ride their bike to NSSC, which is located right in your neighborhood. 

5.        Peace and quiet!

We offer seclusion. Unlike other area pools which front busy streets, NSSC is hidden away from main streets and offers privacy to its members!

4.        Family dressing room!

We have a family dressing room/bath room. In our newly renovated bath house, we have a "family bathroom" where parents can take care of their young children's needs. 

3.        We are night owls!

Compared to other area pools, we are open longer and later. 11:00am - 9:30 pm every day after the school year ends for summer break!

2.        Super clean, gentle water!

We have super-clean, see-the-bottom-of-the-pool water. Per recent discussions with County inspectors, our pool's DE (Digital Earth) filter traps particles down to 1 micron, resulting in the cleanest pool water in the area 

1.            Lots of shade!

We are one of the only pools in the area with lots of trees and SHADE! Our baby pool and playground are shady, and the main pool and decks offer both shady and sunny areas

North Springfield Swim Club Calendar

Kids' Play Area Playset
Double slides on the kids' play area PlaysetSwings & rock wall of the fort Kids' Pool
Mature trees shaded baby pool 2017 Bath HouseNewly updated bath house

NS-SC playground is now up and functional!  Bring the kids out to swing on the swings, try out the slides and climb up the kids rock wall or explore the double-decker play area!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make it a success, especially Angelo, Mike, Skip, Tony, Joel, Rick, Duane and all the people who helped with moving and rebuilding the playset, rock-wall, slides and swings.