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NS-SC.org Spring Pool Clean-Up Days

Saturday,  April 22, 2017;  (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
* for spreading mulch, spray kudzu behind the fence, work on sand of volleyball court.

Saturday,  April 29, 2017;  (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
for attention to the tennis court area clean-up, volleyball court area, too.

Saturday,  May 6, 2017;  (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
for completion of spreading mulch, spray kudzu, volleyball court completion, sandbox completion, plantings.
Saturday,  May 13, 2017;  (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
complete yard work and clean chairs.

Saturday,  May 20, 2017;  (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
completion of pool set-up.

NS-SC.org Spring Pool Clean-Up Days
Accomplished Projects

Saturday,  March 25, 2017;  (8:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
 raked and cleared leaves

Annual Members Meeting -- April 26, 2017

The annual spring membership meeting has been scheduled for 
7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 26, 2017  
Meeting Room:  NSES Library 
7602 Heming Court,  North Springfield, VA  22151.    
Then please fill out the enclosed proxy included with the newsletter and 
return it prior to the meeting to 7122 Dalhouse Street  c/o S. Frey or email it to 
S. Frey <merenkulku@yahoo.com>.  We require 40 members to be represented in 
person or by proxy for a meeting to be official. (PERMANENT MEMBERS ONLY)

Membership Payment 
Due Date:
May 15th, 2017

$65.00 late fee after May 15th, 2017
[this late fee applies to 

NSSC 2017 ***
Dear fellow NSSC Pool members,

I felt inspired to write you on this first official snow day of 2017!
Welcome members to the 2017 upcoming pool season. We have already been hard at work getting our swim club ready for our 60th season!
A lot of the following information (and more!) is on our wonderful website
http://www.ns-sc.org/.  So, please check it out. In addition, please take a minute to fill out our 2017 Member Survey (Link) and like our Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/North.Springfield.Swim.Club/).

See you all soon my summer friends!
Dana Cibulski
Board of Directors
Important Dates
March 20-24  Annual Newsletter emailed out to members
March 25       Early spring clean-up at pool, 8am-2pm
                                    *see list of all dates below
April 26          Annual Members Meeting, 7pm, NSES Library
May 1             Employment applications due (front desk and lifeguards)
May 15           Membership Fees are due
May 27           Opening Day at pool, 11am-8pm
                       Community Open House, 11am-3pm
Spring Cleanup Weekend Dates
Mark your calendars! Pool Cleanup this year starts in March. Please remember that our pool runs on “Volunteer Power”
Saturday March 25th - 0800 - 1400
Pruning, Raking, blowing leaves
Rain date Sunday April 1 - 0800 - 1400
Saturday April 22nd - 0800 - 1400
Mulch, spray kudzu behind the fence
Work on sand of the volleyball court
Rain date Sunday April 23 - 1300 - 1800
Saturday April 29th - 0800 - 1400
Attention to the tennis and volleyball courts
Saturday May 6th - 0800 - 1400
Completion of spreading mulch, spray kudzu, volleyball court completion, sandbox completion, plantings
Saturday May 13th - 0800 - 1400
Complete yard work and clean chairs
Saturday May 20th - 0800 - 1400
Completion of pool setup
Rain date Sunday May 21st - 1300 - 1800

New!  Membership Referral Program
Please spread the word about our wonderful, cozy, shady, friendly, community-minded swim club.
Have new neighbors? Made new friends this past year? New families moved into your children’s school? 

If you refer a new membership to our club, you will receive $25 Dolphin dollars that can be used at our Snack Shack.
-          You need to be a current member, with dues paid, and in good standing.
-          The new member cannot be a member in the previous 3 summers.
-          Make sure they mention your name on their membership forms.
Contact: Alicia Ward & Stephanie Southwick, membership membershipNSSC@gmail.com
Teens! Looking for a Summer Job?
Teens (14+), looking for paid work this summer? We are looking for hard-working, responsible staff at our pool:

- Front desk reception (14+)
- Life guards (16+).
Lifeguards need to take a course and get certified. Priority is given to members of the swim club. 
Contact: Lisa Pritt, Staff Manager, lisasehpritt@gmail.com

*** Spring Newsletter for the 2017 Pool Season ***
Dear NSSC members,

Please find attached a copy of our pool's Spring pool newsletter. Inside the newsletter you will find information on this coming season.

Also attached are the following:
  • Activities and annual membership payment form
  • Annual spring meeting proxy (in case you cannot attend the member meeting)

Please note that fees for this season are due by 15 May 2017.
If you need to receive a hard copy or know of a member who DOES NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS, please let us know. 

Copies of these documents will be upload to the website.

Contact our Secretary, Stephen Frey at merenkulku@yahoo.com

Attachments (3)
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NSSC 2017 Spring Newsletter - 20 March.pdf
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Best regards,

North Springfield Swim Club 

Lifeguard / Recertification / Operator Courses

American Red Cross Lifeguard Trg 15+

The link on the pool website below goes to lifeguard class with Fairfax County Parks for $359; Available for the college and HS spring break weeks, as well as some weekends.

North Springfield Swim Club have had lifeguards go through American Lifeguard in the past, as well. It's online, and then the in-water test is done at the Jewish Community Center.

In case anyone is seeking lifeguard employment this summer, their online lifeguard course seems to be a good deal.
Recertification is $255
Lifeguard is $355; if purchased by 3/21 and completed prior to 5/1, there is $100 off.
Operator is $245. 
Operator Challenge exam is $75.

North Springfield Swim Club Calendar

NSSC Pool Opening Day!  "The Big S-P-L-A-S-H!"

NS-SC.org Pool Open House

NSSC Pool Open House
Saturday, May 27th, 2017

"The Big S-P-L-A-S-H!" 
@ 11:00 AM

Community Open House
All Neighbors Welcome!
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Opening day of pool 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

This Week
At the NSSC Pool


NS-SC.org Social - 
Pool CLOSED for the Season!

NS-SC.org Pool is now CLOSED for the season!

A Look Back @ the 2016 NS-SC.org Dolphins Season

20160618 NS-SC.org Dolphins Swim -- Time Trials

2016 NS-SC.org Dolphins Swim Team -- Time Trials

2016 NS-SC.org Dolphins Swim Team -- Little Flippers Program

2016 NS-SC.org Dolphins Swim Team -- Little Flippers Program

2016 DIVE NS-SC.org Dolphins Dive Team Video

2016 NS-SC.org Dolphins Dive Team Video

At the NSSC Pool

Water Aerobics

has ended
for the season
NSSC Water Aerobics @ The Pool!

Water Aerobics at the pool!
Daily @10:30 am --
(except Fridays)
$5 per member,
45 minute classes
Child care available @
 $3 per child

Monday thru Thursday 
THANK YOU for all those
who participated during
the season!  

Please contact Lisa Pritt for additional information. 

Food Truck Friday

has ended for the 
2016 pool season!
We hope that everyone enjoyed 
all the food trucks that visited the 
pool this season!

Well, what are you waiting for?  Time to 

Water aerobics @ the pool!
Thank you to all those who
participated in this program! 

10:30 am -- Monday thru Thursday

$5 per member,
45 minute classes

Child care available @ $3 per child

Water Aerobics @ the NS-SC Pool!

NS-SC.org Social Event 

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016


National Night Out 2016 at the NS-SC.org Pool!

"National Night Out 2016" & Community Open House. Co-sponsored by NS Civic Association.

Published on August 4, 2016

National Night Out 2016 against crime was a great success.  Over 200 communities across Fairfax County held events for National Night Out 2016.  Together, we can ALL make a difference in our community!

National Night Out 2016 against crime was a great success.

NSSC, NSCA & FCP -- National Night Out 2016!

Contact:  Renate Thompson - nssc@thtcpa.net

National Night Out 2016

Were you a part of the 1963 North Springfield Swim Club Dolphins Swim, Dive and Water Ballet teams?  These pictures may bring back memories of your 

Dolphins Swim Team 1963 Season at NS-SC!

NS-SC Pool Renovation Project

   Winter 2016 -- NS-SC.org -- North Springfield Swim Club (NSSC) Project Renovation Update -- February 2016

After more than 50 years, our community swim club is going through a major renovation. Built in 1957 and one of the first original 5 community pools built in Northern Virginia, NSSC is finally having a face lift. As of January 1, demolition has taken place, dumpsters are in place, and roof trusses delivered! Mid-February, a roof will be placed over the entire bath house—previously it was “open-air” in keeping with the 1950’s style. Completely new, updated bath and changing rooms will be built and all areas will finally meet the ADA, handicapped accessible design requirements, that didn’t even exist when the original bath house was built. The construction is to be completed by opening day for the summer 2016 season.
NS-SC.org Pool House Renovation

 NS-SC.org pool bath house roof demo.   Rebuilt pool bath house May, 2016.
NS-SC.org Pool House Renovation Picture

 Saying goodbye to the old Lifeguard Office.   The New Lifeguard Office + the
adjacent family restroom!
NS-SC.org engineered roof trusses are being raised.


NS-SC.org Pool House Renovation

  Engineered roof trusses are being raised.    The 2016 Rebuilt NS-SC Pool House!

And we'll transform and renovate the pool bath house into look like this image
in a couple of months.

The NS-SC .org Pool House that opened in May, 2016 for this year&#39;s Pool Season!
The NS-SC .org Pool House opened on May, 2016 for this years' Pool Season!

The pool’s Board of Directors and the Renovation Committee, headed by Robert Sweeney (previous President), Kathy and Mike Dannholz, has been working tirelessly (and on a volunteer basis!) over the past several years, planning, getting funding in place, and preparing the grounds for this historic event. From several area businesses, 2 local North Springfield residents were selected to lead the project. Shamual Choudhury (Easton Drive) of Moore Architects is the lead architect and Steve Bowes (Atlee Place) of Phoenix Home Services, is the lead contractor.

Walk over to the site, at the intersection of Leesville Blvd. and Earlehurst Street, to check out the progress over the next several weeks. Updated photos will be added to the pool website during the spring as well:  ns-sc.org. Yes, neighbors this is really happening!

If you have any questions, contact Dana Cibulski, President, Board of Directors, NSSC <danacibulski@cox.net>

Kids' Play Area

 NS-SC.org Playset

NS-SC.org Playset

NS-SC playground is now up and functional!  Bring the kids out to swing on the swings, try out the slides and climb up the kids rock wall or explore the double-decker play area!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make it a success, especially Angelo, Mike, Skip, Tony, Joel, Rick, Duane and all the people who helped with the heavy lifting.

            NSSC Time Trials 20140614

The North Springfield Swim Club By-Laws (Revised:  April 23,2015)  is accessible via this link.

Welcome to the North Springfield Swim Club (NSSC) <www.ns-sc.org>, home of the Dolphins Swim and Dive Teams! The atmosphere at our pool is fun and friendly. Residents of North Springfield come to our pool nestled in a quaint area of our neighborhood to relax and get away from the daily Northern Virginia grind. Become a member and get to know your neighbors and see familiar faces.

The amenities available to the members of North Springfield Swim Club include...
    • Lighted Swimming Pool
    • Dolphins Swim Team -- NVSL Swim Team ages 4-18
    • Dolphins Dive Team
    • Tennis Program by 
             Coach Jason Parker
    • Lighted Tennis Courts
    • Lap Swimming
    • Swim Lessons
    • Little Flippers
    • Dive Pool
    • Dolphins Snack Shack
    • Lighted Sand Volleyball
    • Table Tennis
    • Foosball Table
    • Gated and Shaded Baby Pool
    • Children's Playground
    • Children's Rock Wall
    • Children's Play Sand Box
    • Barbecue grills available for members' use while at the pool
    • Dolphins WiFi Wireless Internet
    • Pool Parties for all ages!
What else can you ask for?  JOIN TODAY!

NSSC Events Calendar