Hello members and neighbors! We are at our swim club preparing for the 2018 pool season.

Membership is waiting for your calls and emails. Lifeguard and front desk staff needed for the upcoming season. Join the team! Have fun!  Make money!

You will be receiving your annual swim club newsletter via email the last week of March. Inside you will find information about membership, activities, and more for the 2018 pool season. In the meanwhile, here are a few items with upcoming deadlines that need your attention.

See you around our neighborhood!



President, Board of Directors



Yes, that’s right team NSSC! Our spring clean up ‘daze’ start Saturday, March 24 12:30-4:30pm.  Come on out and let’s get this party started!

More info:  Patti Brockmeier, pbrockmeier@juno.com

*Check emails that morning in case of bad weather.



Is your child ready for the summer swim season? Do you want them to get a refresher on stroke technique and a few practices prior to the season? We are offering a winter swim spring special: register for all April and May classes for only $80. Classes are on Sundays on the dates below at 7:15 pm at Wakefield High School (1325 S Dinwiddie St, Arlington, VA 22206). Please contact Samantha Batko at sbatko@gmail.com for more information on how to register. 

Class Dates:

April 8, 15, 22, 29 (off for Easter)

May 6, 20 (off for Mother's Day)





We are looking for responsible teens to work at the pool this summer. The job is close by and the salary is competitive. Deadline for application:  April 30

  • Front Desk: staff must be at least 14 years old with a work permit signed by parents.
  • Front desk supervisor: previous experience working at front desk
  • Lifeguards: can take the test at age 15;
  • Pool Manager:  a life guard with pool operator’s license


Get your lifeguard training early so you can be a member of the lifesaving team this summer. Click on the link below for lifeguarding courses:

Fairfaxcounty.gov American Red Cross Lifeguard


Info for work permit for front desk staff (there is a ‘click here’ in the center of the webpage for employment certificate forms):

Virginia.gov – Child Labor Law & Forms


Info/questions and applications, contact:

Staff Manager, Lisa Pritt <lisasehpritt@gmail.com>




We are very happy to offer our club members more activities with our expanded tennis program. There will be evening and weekend lessons starting the week of April 9. We have also planned tennis summer camps for your children (half and full day) and summer lessons for adults and youth during evenings and weekends.

Come join us Saturday, April 7 10am-12pm for a tennis social. You can meet the coaches, share refreshments, and win prizes!

More info:         Jason Parker, NSSC Tennis Director, dcparkers@verizon.net

                        Marco Impeduglia KOA Director of Tennis, marco@koasports.org


Registration is open now!  http://www.prostoyou.com/north-springfield/

More info on our website http://www.ns-sc.org/tennis




We are looking for more input into how to best serve our members this summer. Our Dolphin Dive-In snack shack has added items on the menu that were direct suggestions from members. Want to see a certain snack, food or drink offered at the shack?  let us know!

Contact Alyssa Getsey with your ideas:  getsey@verizon.net



Saturday, March 24                            clean up day 12:30 - 4:30pm

Saturday, March 31                            clean up day 12:30- 4:30pm

Saturday, April 7                                Tennis social 10am- 12pm

Monday, April 9                                  First tennis session begins this week for spring

Saturday, April 21                              Clean up day, 9am -2pm

Wednesday, April 25                          Annual Members Meeting, 7pm, NSES Library

Saturday, May 5                                 Clean up day 10am – 4pm

Saturday, May 12                               Yard Sale and clean up day

Tuesday, May 15                                Membership Fees due (permanent members)

Saturday, May 19                               Clean up day and a Adult Pre-Season party

Saturday, May 26                               Pool opens!




North Springfield Swim Club Calendar


Assistant Swim Team Rep: We have a lead swim team rep who needs assistance running the swim meets, communicating with the team, organizing volunteers, etc. Contact: Sam Batko, sbatko@gmail.com

Treasurer Committee:  We have a Treasurer, we need someone to help in that area. Contact:  Renate Thompson: nssc@thtcpa.net

Spirit Wear:  we are looking for someone to help set up an online ’shop’ for NSSC Dolphin spirit wear and pool items:  t-shirts, bumper stickers, towels, etc. Contact: danacibulski@cox.net

Membership Committee: We have a lead on this committee. We are looking for someone to be:  Guest Fee supervisor and Party Scheduler. Contact: Stephanie Southwick at stephanie.condino@gmail.com

Operations Committee: Mike Dannholz is the lead on this committee but needs help. We are looking for someone (or multiple people) to help with: power wash the decks, maintain the playground, general repair of gates and fences, mechanical help with pool pumps.

Contact Mike Dannholz: shamblz@cox.net

Front Desk Manager:   Someone to schedule the front desk staff, help train the staff, help organize the front desk area.  (We will help you with this.) Contact: danacibulski@cox.net



Thank you so much to the amazing social committee for all the collaboration for this year's events. We couldn't have done them without everyone who pitched in. Special thank you-s to our families who were Grill Masters this year, to Margaret Autry and Vanessa Briggs who hosted our Toddler Tuesdays, and to everyone who took the lead on an event. I am afraid if I start naming people, I will forget someone because there were so many awesome volunteers!

Please feel free to contact me (kristybalbuena@gmail.com) in the off season as you think of amazing new activities for us to do. And we can always use help to put on the events, so if you would like to join the committee for next season, please let me know as well.

Be on the lookout for an off-season survey to see how well we met your needs in the programming department. 



·         Saturday, October 28            - Halloween Parade in our parking lot

o   Contact:  Jennifer Porter jennifer.porter.mail@gmail.com

·         March 2018 - Newsletter and dues form emailed to all members

·         April 2018 - Annual Members Meeting

·         April/May - Clean up dates on Saturdays

·         May 26 - Opening Day!


North Springfield Swim Club


North Springfield Swim Club  [NS-SC.org]


Membership Payment
Due Date:
May 15th, 2018

$65.00 late fee after May 15th, 2017
[this late fee applies to 


Were you a part of the 1963 North Springfield Swim Club Dolphins Swim, Dive and Water Ballet teams?  These pictures may bring back memories of your 

Dolphins Swim Team 1963 Season at NS-SC!

Kids' Play Area

 NS-SC.org Playset

NS-SC.org Playset

NS-SC playground is now up and functional!  Bring the kids out to swing on the swings, try out the slides and climb up the kids rock wall or explore the double-decker play area!

A huge thanks to everyone who helped make it a success, especially Angelo, Mike, Skip, Tony, Joel, Rick, Duane and all the people who helped with the heavy lifting.

            NSSC Time Trials 20140614

The North Springfield Swim Club By-Laws (Revised:  April 23,2015)  is accessible via this link.

Welcome to the North Springfield Swim Club (NSSC) <www.ns-sc.org>, home of the Dolphins Swim and Dive Teams! The atmosphere at our pool is fun and friendly. Residents of North Springfield come to our pool nestled in a quaint area of our neighborhood to relax and get away from the daily Northern Virginia grind. Become a member and get to know your neighbors and see familiar faces.

The amenities available to the members of North Springfield Swim Club include...
    • Lighted Swimming Pool
    • Dolphins Swim Team -- NVSL Swim Team ages 4-18
    • Dolphins Dive Team
    • Tennis Program by 
             Coach Jason Parker
    • Lighted Tennis Courts
    • Lap Swimming
    • Swim Lessons
    • Little Flippers
    • Dive Pool
    • Dolphins Snack Shack
    • Lighted Sand Volleyball
    • Table Tennis
    • Foosball Table
    • Gated and Shaded Baby Pool
    • Children's Playground
    • Children's Rock Wall
    • Children's Play Sand Box
    • Barbecue grills available for members' use while at the pool
    • Dolphins WiFi Wireless Internet
    • Pool Parties for all ages!
What else can you ask for?  JOIN TODAY!

NSSC Events Calendar