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If you answer “Yes” to any questions below, think about contacting us!

    1. Have you noticed the pool looking better these days?
    2. Interested in working with the gardening/landscaping group at the pool?
    3. Want to learn more about gardening?
    4. Have some plants you have been thinking about getting rid of in your garden/yard? Give them to the pool!
    5. Let me know your thoughts and if you would be willing to "Adopt A Week" at our pool, mainly watering the plants. Please sign up here for the NSSC Garden "Adopt-A-Week" Project <>

The most important thing to do your week is to water the garden beds.

We have the start date on a Saturday. And end date on the next Friday. But of course, you would go to the pool, when and how often it was convenient for you. We just ask that you be careful with the hoses when the pool is busy and young children are running around.

And if it rains, you are “off the hook!”.

If you have time or energy, other things to do:

  • water the potted plants (though the Front Desk staff does a fairly good job with that)
  • weed the garden beds
  • pull out kudzu, especially in the garden beds
  • pick up sticks and branches around the grounds

Other info you might need:

  • All yard waste/debris can be dumped in the wooded area outside the gates off the parking lot. There are 2 white signs showing you where to dump the yard waste.
  • There is ONLY ONE working faucet and hose now: one next to the snack shack is NOT working; the one to use is to the left of the “flamingo door” pump room.
  • Extra nozzles are kept in the Guard office, on top of the file cabinet.
  • Watering cans are kept inside the front desk area.
  • Garbage bags are inside the Guard Office, in the double door metal cabinet, bottom shelf.
  • Please bring your own gloves, or other tools you might need.

Thanks so much for helping us keep the NSSC grounds looking great!

Questions? Please contact Dana Cibulski <> or call her at 703.642.0375.

NSSC Gardening / Landscaping - Watering Can
NSSC Gardening / Landscaping
NSSC Gardening / Landscaping -- Gazebo
NSSC Gardening / Landscaping - Yellow Flower
NSSC Gardening / Landscaping -- Yellow Flower
NSSC Gardening / Landscaping -- Beautiful Flowers