Swim Volunteers

The swim team cannot function without parent volunteers. Thank you to all the parents who have already volunteered to step up and fill important volunteer roles, including leading our Little Flippers program, managing concessions for meets, serving in key officiating roles for meets! You will note that you are required to select a volunteer option on the registration form.

There will also be a sign-up genius circulated and posted here as the meets get closer asking you to sign up for specific meets.

There are some key roles we need to fill NOW:

· First, we NEED an assistant team representative. I already know that my work situation this summer is going to require some travel and will require me to miss some swim team events. The assistant team rep will serve as the primary representative for B-Meets, manage some of the swim team social activities, and occasionally oversee meet set up and take down on the Friday nights before A-Meets. This role does not have to be filled by one person, if you want to take on one of the above tasks, but not the others, please let me know.

· Certified official roles: It would be great if some parents would be willing to become certified as a referee, stroke and turn judges, or a starter. We are working with a skeleton crew of officials right now which either requires our current officials to work every single meet or for us to be short officials for a meet. If more parents volunteer, we can spread around the work so that it is not so onerous for a few. These positions do require certification—one 2-hour training. If you are willing to do this for even 1 or 2 meets, please contact me directly and I will fill you in on details.