20140614 NSSC Dolphins Swim Team Time Trials

20140614 NSSC Dolphins Swim Team Time Trials!

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Joe Rolen, Assistant Swim Team Coach

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Dolphins Swim Team Time Trials!!!

Saturday, June 14th at 8:00 am

What are time trials?

Time trials are run as a mock swim meet to time each swimmer in each stroke. Swimmers who cannot participate in the time trials are expected to swim at the next A or B meet to have an official time in each of the strokes. All swimmers should have an official time in each stroke.

Because TIME TRIALS are run as a mock swim meet, we still need all parents to be there for their volunteer positions.


  • Please attend the parent meeting on the prior to the time trials. This is a great opportunity to meet everyone and review the lay-out of the event and to parents by explaining how and where the kids will be lined up for heats and who is responsible for getting them to the CLERK OF COURSE.
  • The coaches will also outline any expectations they have about the number of swims they want each competitor to try. There are five individual events: Free, Breast, Back, Fly, and Individual Medley.
  • Don't coach your child, please let the Swim Coaches coach. Please do not confuse your child with swimming advice.
  • Junior coaches will help get the younger kids to the Clerk of Course, and older kids will help with the responsibility of guiding the younger and newest kids to the Clerk of Course. Only the Clerk of Course and Assistant Clerk of Course should be working with the kids and preparing them for the lanes.
  • Have your child swim whatever stroke they like. Most kids swim every stroke to at least at time trials to get their initial time. Do not worry about disqualifications. DQs are typical at time trials. Any issues will be noted by their coaches and worked on during the season, so do not stress your swimmer out by focusing on the perfection of the stroke this early in the season.


Is my child eligible to be on the swim team?

The Swim Team has a swimming ability policy to qualify for the team: Children must be “water safe” and otherwise qualify to be on the team. If they cannot meet the qualifications, they can try out for the Pre-Team. NSSC Dolphins Swim Team Members must be able to complete one length of the pool (25 meters) unassisted, tread water for one minute and attend practice regularly. Pre-Team members must be comfortable in the water, and be able to put their head under water. They must be able to make some progress (approximately 20 feet) in the water using arms and legs.

What age group will my child swim in?

Age groups are determined by your child’s age as of June 1st. For example, if your child turns nine on June 1st, he will swim with the 9-10 age group. If your child turns nine on June 2nd, she will swim this season with the 8 & under age group.

What are time trials?

Time trials are run as a mock swim meet to time each swimmer in each stroke. Swimmers who cannot participate in time trials are expected to swim at the next Wednesday night meet to have an official time in each of the strokes. All swimmers must receive an official time before competing in a Saturday meet.

What meets will the team participate in?

“A” Meets

“A” meets are held Saturday mornings against the other teams in our Division. Our coaches select the 3-6 swimmers to swim in each event of that meet, reflecting the best competitive advantage. They will generally choose the fastest swimmers for each event. A swimmer can swim up to three events in an A meet, plus the relay and IM (Individual Medley). Because swimmers are always improving their times, the swimmers who participate in A meets can change each week. Ribbons are given to all finishers and points earned for 1st through 3rd places. At A meets, score is kept and contributes to our Division standing.

Coaches post which swimmers have been selected to participate in the Saturday A meets on the window by the guard shack and your swim team REP will email the meet sheet out to parents by Thursday night or Friday morning.

NSSC Dolphin Swim!

If your name appears on the list for an A meet and you know that you cannot make it to the meet, you need to let the coaches know as soon as possible. If they don't know and you don't go, you will be preventing a fellow team member from competing in the A meet. In addition, the team will not receive any points for an empty lane where no swimmer appears. Always check the guard shack window and email for information about upcoming meets.

“B” Meets

The Monday night meets are called “B” meets and are for development and not scored. Monday night meets offer each swimmer the opportunity to participate regardless of speed. All swimmers (subject to the rules listed above) will be entered in the B meets. If you swam an event in which you placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the previous Saturday's A meet, you cannot swim that event at the B meet, but you can swim events that you did not swim at the A meet. Although we are swimming against another team, there is no final score and these meets do not affect our division standings. B meets are the perfect opportunity to have lots of fun and improve your times. You can swim as many events in your age group as you'd like. Ribbons are given to all finishers.

Other Meets

  1. Relay Carnivals: The Relay Carnival helps determine our position in the division. The Relay Carnival includes events that are not swum at A meets. It is one of the most exciting and fun events of the season.
  2. Divisionals: The final Saturday meet of the season is the Division Championship meet. The team enters the fastest two swimmers in each event against the fastest two from every other team in the division. The order of events is the same as an “A Meet”.
  3. All Stars and Long Course. hese are swim meets that you participate in by invitation only. Invitations to these meets are based on times from A meets only. The swimmers with the top NVSL times in each event are invited to swim, and the top 12 swimmers are invited to All Star Individuals. The first place winners of each Division Relay Carnival event are invited to participate in the All Star Relays.

Can my child leave a meet after his/her events are finished?

Everyone should try to stay until the end of the meet to cheer on their teammates. In addition at the very end of each Saturday meet, the two fastest freestyle swimmers from each age group compete in a graduated relay. Your child may be asked to swim in the relay, and besides, you don’t want to miss the post-meet fun activities! If you must leave, please have your swimmer notify the coaches that he/she is leaving. If you must leave a swim meet please have your swimmer notify the coaches that he/she is leaving.

What if a swimmer is unable to attend a meet?

You must complete the Vacation Schedule when registering for the team. Any changes to your scheduled absences should be sent to the coaches by email as soon as possible. Meet entries are posted Thursday evening or Friday morning, so be sure to check to see if your child is swimming. Once the meet entries are provided to the opposing team (by Thursday evening) we can make only limited changes. Do not disappoint your fellow swimmers who would love the chance to swim in an A meet!

Is it necessary to report to a NSSC Swim Coach(es) before an away meet?

Yes, unless the coaches specify otherwise, all swimmers must check in with the coaches before traveling to an away meet. If a swimmer does not check-in they risk being scratched from the meet and being replaced by another swimmer.

What if a swimmer is unable to attend practice?

If your child will be missing more than one consecutive practice please notify the coach.

How are practices organized?

All practices are closely supervised by the coaches. They will rotate through all the groups for direct instruction. Each child will be assigned to a small group with an assistant coach who will be responsible for them at practice and at all swim meets. Practices are a mix of skill building and conditioning. Frequently practices include games and team building activities.

Should my child wear a swim team suit and swim cap?

The coaches recommend that your child has the team suit, but it is not required. Team suits may be purchased by talking with the Swim Coach(es). Although discounted, racing suits are expensive, so consider saving the team suit for meets only so it will last longer, and buying an alternative racing suit for practices.

Swim caps are required for boys and girls at all practices and swim meets. NSSC Dolphins Swim Team caps should be worn at all meets. Please do not wear a cap or suit that advertises another team to a meet.

Whom do I contact about my child’s swimming?

Speak to one of the swim coaches if you have questions about your child’s swimming. Please do not interrupt the Coaches during practice! If you have a question or concern, please talk with the Coach at a time convenient for both of you.

What should my child be doing during a swim meet?

All Swimmers are required to remain in the team area during swim meets. This is necessary so the swimmers will know when to report to the Clerk of Course. Please remember that a meet will not be stopped to look for a swimmer. If a swimmer has a pressing need to leave the team area they must notify the coach.

What awards are given during the season?

The swimmers are recognized all season long for their accomplishments. The coaches award the swimmer who shows the most commitment during a given week of the season the Dolphins of the Week Award. Ribbons are awarded to all swimmers finishing an event at a meet.

The following special awards are also given:

  • High Point trophies to one Boy and one Girl in each age group (based upon points earned in individual events at the five regular A meets).
  • Most Improved Swimmer to one Boy and one Girl (whole team).
  • Coach’s Award to a Boy and a Girl for commitment and contribution to team spirit.
  • Graduating seniors who have been longtime swim team participants will be given a gift commemorating their years on the NSSC Dolphins Swim Team.

Can my child earn service (SSL) hours?

Yes, youth may earn service hours by helping out the NSSC Dolphins Swim Team in a variety of ways. Interested swimmers should contact the Dolphins Swim Team Representative.

What are Flip Turn Friday Dolphins Swim Team Pancake Breakfasts?

The team has a long-standing tradition of providing swimmers with post-practice pancake breakfast on some Flip Turn Fridays. Flip Turn Friday Dolphins Pancakes are served to Dolphins Swimmers and the team enjoy relaxing together eating breakfast.

Team clinic are sometimes held on Friday afternoons with the coaches to talk about the week and get psyched for the upcoming meets. WE will have Spirit Nights on Fridays before each meet, usually around 6:00 pm. The spirit nights involve the whole pool membership and support the swim, dive and tennis teams. These are fun activities or sometimes potluck dinner to give the team a chance to load up on carbs and get psyched for the Saturday morning meet.

Either before the meeting at 4:00 pm, or after the meeting at 6:00 pm, the team will hold a fun activity or sometimes potluck dinner to give the team a chance to load up on carbs and get psyched for the Saturday morning meet. These events happen only if we have enough volunteers to coordinate these events – super easy to coordinate!

How do I stay informed about the Dolphins Swim Team activities?

Information is regularly sent out to Dolphins swim team parents in a number of ways:

  1. Subscribe to the Dolphins Swim Team e-mail list.
  2. You may subscribe to the Dolphins Swim Team e-mail list by sending a blank e-mail message to: NSSC-Dolphins-Swim+SUBSCRIBE@googlegroups.com.
  3. Check the NSSC website regularly at http://www.ns-sc.org/.
  4. Access the NSSC Dolphins Swim Team web page at:
  5. http://www.ns-sc.org/dolphins-swim/
  6. Check the Swim Team bulletin board at the entrance of the pool.
  7. And please don't forget to click and sign-up on the
  8. 2014 NSSC Online Swim Meet Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet!
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