Pool Party Rental Rates

Pool Parties at North Springfield Swim Club

For questions or to schedule a party at the swim club this summer, contact: Jen Corcoran, MembershipNSSC@gmail.com


Please note the following pool party request process. All requests should be made through an online request form found here. Additional details include:

  • All requests for party rentals must be made at least two weeks in advance to ensure proper lifeguard staffing and to avoid any potential scheduling conflicts.
  • The party rental rates are $70 for permanent members and $85 for temporary members. This rental includes up to 12 non-members (both swimmers and non-swimmers) free of charge. There is a $7 charge for each additional non-member attendee (swimmers and non-swimmers). Current members attending the party are not included in this count but must follow the normal check-in procedures to ensure proper staffing of the pool.
  • The guest limit for pool parties is 35 guests (totaling members, non-members, swimmers, and non-swimmers). Parties may be reserved for up to 3 hours. Parties over 35 guests must be approved by the board.
  • A list of all attendees must be provided to the NSSC Party Coordinator at least a day in advance, so the front desk can check in party guests as they arrive.