Pool Party Rental Rates

Pool Parties at North Springfield Swim Club

For questions or to schedule a party at the swim club this summer, contact: Jen Corcoran, MembershipNSSC@gmail.com

For Permanent Members:

Up to twelve non-members (members are free of course!) swimming - $35.00.

Each additional swimmer is $5.00.

For Temporary Members:

Up to twelve non-members(members are free of course!) swimming - $50.00.

Each additional swimmer is $5.00.


All parties need to be coordinated with the Party Coordinator.

      • A party agreement form must be filled out at least 2 weeks before scheduled day of party. Contact party coordinator about meeting to fill out this form, if you would like.

This information is necessary so NSSC can make sure that the swim club has enough life guards on duty. We can try to set aside several picnic tables or reserve an area (grassy area or gazebo). So, please also include total guest count (including non-swimmers).

A list of attendees (first and last name) is REQUIRED for ease of party guests sign-in at the front desk. This list needs to be emailed to the membership director the day before the party.Payment is due one week before the event to Party Coordinator. Please make all checks payable to NSSC.