Top 10 Reasons to Join
North Springfield Swim Club

10.  NSSC Rocks!  David Grohl  (drummer for the band Nirvana and lead in the rock band Foo Fighters) grew up in North Springfield and swam in our pool when he was growing up!

9.  Dolphins are the coolest mascot!  Go mighty Dolphins!

8.  Be part of history!  NSSC is one of the original swim clubs first opened in Northern Virginia in the 1950’s.  Local politicians and celebrities often drop in to visit and shake hands.

7.  We are "night owls!"  Compared to other pools in the area, we are open longer and later -- until 9:30 PM every night in the summer!

6.  Swim lessons for your children.  You can chose group lessons in our “Little Flippers’ program or individual lessons with one of our qualified lifeguards.

5.  Our sports teams are low pressure and a lot of fun!  The NSSC swim, dive and tennis teams are open to everyone, no matter what level your kids perform.  Our practices are offered in the morning and evening hours. Practices and meets are fun—no stress events!

4.  We are closer! If you live in North Springfield subdivision, be a good neighbor and join your neighborhood pool!

3.  Inexpensive and fun activities for the whole family.  Many of our weekly activities are free or a small minimal amount of money is requested—and often this includes food and activities!

2.  Our activity fees are low ($85.00) and we don’t have any additional fees.

1.  Best Deal in Town!  Join as a permanent member today and you save money in 3 years!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!