NSSC Membership

Welcome to North Springfield Swim Club!

Annual Members Meeting -- April 26, 2017

The annual spring membership meeting has been scheduled for 
7:00 pm, Wednesday, April 26, 2017  
Meeting Room:  NSES Library 
7602 Heming Court,  North Springfield, VA  22151.    
Then please fill out the enclosed proxy included with the newsletter and
return it prior to the meeting to 7122 Dalhouse Street  c/o S. Frey or email it to 
S. Frey <merenkulku@yahoo.com>.  We require 40 members to be represented in 
person or by proxy for a meeting to be official. (PERMANENT MEMBERS ONLY)

For any NS-SC.org Pool Membership inquiry, please contact:  Membership NSSC <MembershipNSSC@gmail.com>  703.642.0375  (no phone calls after 9:00 PM please).


The pool reserves the right to request proof of residency for anyone listed on the gate control card. Family memberships include 2 adults and your children residing in your house. If there is another family residing with you they must purchase their own family membership.  For questions contact membership chair 
Membership NSSC <MembershipNSSC@gmail.com> or 703‐333‐5084

The dues for 2017 are:
  • Permanent Family Membership (pool shareholders): $450.00
  • Couple Rate Membership (pool shareholders, must be permanent members for a household of 2 people [max]): $350.00
  • Senior Membership Fee (70+ max 2 people per membership/must be a permanent member): $300.00

Cleanup Fee: $25.00 for current permanent members who do not participate in at least one cleanup day please add an additional $25.00.
Membership may reward extra cleanup time with complimentary guest passes.

Payment of dues must be made by May 15th to avoid a late charge for CURRENT PERMANENT MEMBERS ONLY. The late charge is $65. The late charge will be applied to all memberships that have not paid the annual dues as of the May 15th deadline. They need to be postmarked or delivered to membership chairperson Alicia Ward . Failure to pay dues will also result in the withholding of PERMANENT membership cards and denial of access to the facilities. Each shareholder is responsible for the annual dues whether they use the facilities or not, and whether the share is owned individually or joint.

  • Temporary Family Membership Fee: $525.00
Temporary members ‐ Do you want to help the pool look amazing for opening day. Work a minimum of 4 hours during any clean‐up day and receive a guest pass with 10 punches.

Dues cover our taxes, insurance, and utilities.

Each shareowner is responsible for notifying the Club of any change of physical or email address. This is the only way that the Club can provide timely mailings of Club information to members.

For additional questions contact membership chair Membership NSSC <MembershipNSSC@gmail.com>  or 703‐333‐5084.

Guest Corner

Guests are subject to the same rules and regulations as are Club members. All guests must register at the sign‐in desk and be accompanied by a member during their visit to the facilities. The guest fee rate is $6 per person regardless of age 7 days a week.

The shareowner will be billed at the end of the swim season (Oct.) for all guest fees. All fees must be paid by December 31st to avoid a 20% ($1.00 minimum) penalty charge. The pool does not accept cash at the gate.


Each “Guest Pass” contains ten (10) admissions to the pool for any day of the week. Cost $35.00 per pass if you order before June 15th, 2017. This is the lowest rate you’ll see all year. It is recommended that you purchase them now, because AFTER June 15th, 2017 the cost jumps to $45.00. All passes are non‐refundable.

Clean Up Day (Temporary & Permanent Members)

All permanent members are asked to volunteer minimum 4 hours (per membership, must be 15 years or older) or pay a cleanup fee of $25. We would love to see everyone help get our member‐run pool ready for the season! Temporary members will earn 10 guest passes.

The annual “spring” clean‐ up days can be checked via the link below: 
(Weather permitting). Please check emails the night before for changes of dates and times due to weather.

We ask that you bring appropriate tools and if you have specific skills, volunteer for one of the many projects that will be ongoing. Suggested tools list: broom rakes, rakes, shovels, spades, pitch forks, wheelbarrows, brush clippers for sticker bushes and kudzu vines (adults‐chainsaws, gas brush cutters, skid steers etc.)

Please take appropriate precautions for poison ivy and sticker bushes if working on cleanup outside of the pools fenced area. PLEASE mark your equipment so it can be returned to you. YES, you can attend more than one cleanup day. It is a great way to earn guest passes.

Share Sale Proceeds

Anyone wishing to sell his or her share should notify Membership NSSC <MembershipNSSC@gmail.com>, our Membership Chairperson in writing.  Notification of a desire to sell DOES NOT relieve the shareowner of their responsibility to pay annual dues.

Gate Control Cards

For 2017, we will provide new gate control cards to each family member authorized entry to the Club. An ID Card is required for entry to the facility.  Every effort will be made to have cards available at the pool on opening day to those who have paid by May 15th. It is the responsibility of each shareowner to return the enclosed gate control card with their annual dues payment by the deadline so that ID cards can be prepared in time for opening day.

The cost of replacing lost or stolen cards will remain $3 per card.

Babysitters & Providers

A babysitter must be an adult (18 or older) unless accompanied by an adult member. A permission slip from the parent that includes the name of the child/children, the name and signature of the babysitter, and emergency phone number must be completed and provided to the Club.

Additional information regarding fees for a babysitter(s), please contact Membership NSSC <MembershipNSSC@gmail.com>.

Snack Shack

Last year was our best year ever at the Snack Shack, where we provided LOTS of refreshments to our kids and families, and made a little extra revenue to help support the pool!  In addition to hosting 2 swim meets and 2 dive meets, we are hosting the swim relay carnival on Wednesday, July 13, which is a lot of fun to watch AND get something to eat.  We hope to be open for more hours like last summer, so come to the pool and check out the Snack Shack. Skip Pirozzi <mouffett@gmail.com>.

Activity Fees

Permanent and Temporary Members:
  • $ 85.00/each  Activity Fee
  • Little Flipper Activity Fee is $ 50.00 per child

If you have any questions, please contact Membership NSSC  <MembershipNSSC@gmail.com>.

Please send membership payments to:
North Springfield Swim Club
P.O. Box 1209,
Springfield, VA  22151

phone:  703.256.4686

$ 35.00  Returned Check Fee
$ 65.00  Late Fee after May 15th  [applies to Permanent Members ONLY!]

NSSC Pool Open House
Saturday, May 27th, 2017   

NSSC Pool Opening Day!
11:00 AM -- 8:00 PM

Pool Community Social
11:00 AM -- 3:00 PM

"The Big Splash"
11:00 AM on the dot!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!