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Top 10 Reasons to Join
North Springfield Swim Club

10.      Never crowded!

Our pool decks are never too crowded. Members receive a lot of 

personal attention.

9.        Affordable lessons!

We offer affordable swim lessons for your children! You can choose group lessons in our "Little Flippers" program (only $50) or individual lessons with one of our qualified lifeguards - morning and evening lessons!

8.        No mandatory cleanup fees!

We don't charge our members a mandatory clean-up fee. Unlike other pools, we give our membership an opportunity to lend a hand in sprucing up the property before opening day, in lieu of paying a clean-up fee, on top of dues.

7.        Inclusive sports teams!

We offer low-pressure, emphasis on fun, sports teams to our neighborhood youth, at affordable prices. NSSC Dive, Swim and Tennis teams are open to everyone, no matter what level of athleticism. Practices are offered in the morning AND evening, as opposed to other area pools which only offer morning practices. 

6.        We are closer!

Parents can rest a little more at ease when they know their kids can walk or ride their bike to NSSC, which is located right in your neighborhood. 

5.        Peace and quiet!

We offer seclusion. Unlike other area pools which front busy streets, NSSC is hidden away from main streets and offers privacy to its members!

4.        Family dressing room!

We have a family dressing room/bath room. In our newly renovated bath house, we have a "family bathroom" where parents can take care of their young children's needs. 

3.        We are night owls!

Compared to other area pools, we are open longer and later. 11:00am - 9:30 pm every day after the school year ends for summer break!

2.        Super clean, gentle water!

We have super-clean, see-the-bottom-of-the-pool water. Per recent discussions with County inspectors, our pool's DE (Digital Earth) filter traps particles down to 1 micron, resulting in the cleanest pool water in the area 

1.            Lots of shade!

We are one of the only pools in the area with lots of trees and SHADE! Our baby pool and playground are shady, and the main pool and decks offer both shady and sunny areas

NSSC Dolphin Swim!