NSSC Employment Opportunities

Contact: Lisa Pritt, Staff Manager  lisasehpritt@gmail.com 

Life Guards Needed

                                        Lifeguards: can take the test at age 15

Get your lifeguard training so you can be a member of the lifesaving team this summer. Click on the link below for lifeguarding courses:

This link lists the Red Cross Lifeguard training sessions being held in June.


  • Deadline extended to June 15 for lifeguards.

Deliver applications to: Lisa Pritt, Staff Manager
                                    7412 Long Pine Drive, Springfield,  22151

NOTE: if there is an issue with the lifeguard training class fee (about $350) please do not let this stop you from applying. Contact Staff Manager, Lisa Pritt (see above)

Front Desk Staff

(Positions filled at this time for front desk summer 2018.)

Front Desk staff:  must be 14 years old ON OPENING DAY with a work permit signed by parents. For summer birthdays, apply and could start work during the summer.

Front desk supervisor: previous experience working at front desk; main responsibility is scheduling  and communicating with front desk staff.

Info for work permit for front desk staff (there is a ‘click here’ in the center of the web page for employment certificate forms):

Pool Manager 

(Position Filled for Summer 2018)

Every summer we

hire a Pool Manager for the summer season.

Qualifications: must have or attend training session to receive an “operator’s license”.  Must be a pool member in good standing.

Duties:  schedule and supervise life guards and front desk staff; keep pool maintained and in good operational condition. Report to Staff Manager (see below)

Hours and salary are negotiable.

Contact: Lisa Pritt, Staff Manager  <lisasehpritt@gmail.com

Deliver applications to: Lisa Pritt, Staff Manager
                                    7412 Long Pine Drive, Springfield,  22151

NSSC Pool Employment Application Form

PLEASE NOTE:  All employment applications should be mailed to:
P.O Box 1209, 
Springfield, VA   22151 

or hand-delivered to Staff Manager address above.