Dolphins Swim Team Volunteers Needed!

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Parent volunteers are needed for both the NSSC Dolphins Swim and Dive Teams!  All swim and dive meets are run by parent volunteers, so your help is always needed!  

Parent Volunteer Opportunities at a NSSC Dolphins Swim Meet

Anyone who has been to even one swim meet knows that it takes much effort on the part of parent volunteers to make it happen.  It takes well over 40 adults to run a swim meet.  Yes, over 40!

This web site a great place of resource information for anyone who is volunteering for any of the positions as described in the hand out about 40 volunteers, it describes every position:

The Dolphins Swim Team needs your help!  Please click here and sign-up for the  NSSC Online Swim Meet Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet!

NSSC Parent Volunteers!
Swim Officials Needed at Every Meet
    • 1  Referee (home team)
    • 1  Starter (home team)
    • 1  Chief Timer (home team)
    • 1  Chief Table Worker (home team)
    • 1  Announcer (home team)
    • 1  Team Data Coordinator (home team)
    • 4  Stroke & Turn Judges (2 from each team)
    • 2  Clerks of Course (1 from each team)
    • 18 Timers (9 from each team)
    • 2  Marshals (1 from each team)
    • 8  Relay Take-off Judges (4 from each team)
    • 6  Table Workers (3 from each team)
    • 2  Team Reps (1 from each team)

Your Dolphins Swim Team will be looking for help from every family members during the course of the season, and we’re sure that every parent can find a meet job that he/she enjoys doing.  A description of the swim meet jobs is provided below:

Note:  The NVSL mandates that an individual performing the Stroke & Turn, Starter or Referee function MUST have attended league training within the last three years.  For all other positions, training may be offered but is optional.  We encourage you to attend if you can.  It is a great way to meet other people in the league, to share information, and to gain practical knowledge about the application of both existing and new rules.  And remember, the training is free!

NSSC Parent Volunteers!
Position Descriptions

Referee:  (1 for each home meet)
The referee runs the meet and is in charge of all of the officials.  To be a referee, you should have a couple of years experience as a league official in the stroke and turn or starter capacity, and must have formally attended the league training for Stroke & Turn, Starter, and Referee.  We have only one referee for and would like to begin training at least one additional referee this season.

Starter:  (1 for each home meet)
The starter begins each race with the Colorado starter system after receiving the signal from the referee. 

Stroke & Turn Judges:  (2 for each meet)
The stroke & turn judges monitor the swimmers during the race, ensuring they are performing a legal stroke and legal flip turn (for the 9 and older crowd).  

Yes, this involves disqualifying kids if they aren't swimming a stroke correctly.  This is part of the learning process for the kids.  Do not be concerned if you are not familiar with each stroke and how it should be done - that is what they teach at the clinics!!

Clerk of Course:  (1 for every meet) (plus assistant Clerk makes a great meet).
As a swimmer nears the start of his/her event, he/she is sent to the clerk of course.  The clerk of course makes sure that all swimmers for the event are present, and guides the children safely to their lanes just prior to their events.

Timers:  (9 from each team for every meet!)
In an NVSL meet, 3 timers work each lane.  That's 18 timers for each meet, with 9 being provided from each team.  Timers do not have to attend NVSL training, and you can learn on the job.  We ALWAYS need timers!

Marshal:  (1 pre team for every meet)
The primary function of the Marshall is to ensure the safety and relative good behavior of the kids in the team area before and during warm-ups.  This job does not require official NVSL training, and duties are largely restricted to the time the kids arrive for the meet and the warm-up period before the meet.

Relay Take-Off Judges:  (4 for each "A" meet; 2 from each team)
The relay take-off judges watch the relay teams to ensure legal takeoffs are performed (one swimmer has touched before the next swimmer takes off).  Since fewer timers are needed for relays, we usually use four of the 'extra' timers to monitor the relays.  This position does not require formal training, although you should be familiar with the rules regarding relays and relay takeoffs.  Every family will receive a copy of the NVSL rules book prior to the beginning of the season.

Concession Stand:  (Every home meet - Help Always Needed!)
"The Dolphin Shack" is open for every home meet - A and B.  Volunteers are needed to coordinate workers, to contact parents and ask for donations and contributions, to work the concessions stand during the meet, and to purchase and prepare items for sale at the meet.  

The Dolphin Snack Shack is a great place to work if you're not interested in watching the whole meet.  This is an important fund raiser for the team, as we raise money for end-of-the-season awards and other extras this way.  You get to interact a lot with both kids and parents.

Pep Rally Supplies & Support:
Pep rallies are held on Friday evenings before a home meet.

We are always looking for ways to make this experience fun and different for the kids.  If you would like to assist with a pep rally, to coordinate the theme, or provide supplies and enthusiasm, please let us know!

Announcer:  (1 for every home meet)
The announcer sets the tone for the meet by clearly announcing every event as it occurs, and the results of events during breaks between races.  This job does not require official NVSL training, although optional training is provided.

Table Workers:  (1 chief table worker and 3 assistants, each meet)
Each team must provide a time recorder, an awards clerk and a scorer to validate and record the official meet results from the time cards, and to prepare the awards for the children.  These jobs do not require official NVSL training.  But, going to the clinic is a great way to learn the process, we are short on table workers with experience.

Computer Support at 'A' Meets:
The NVSL uses a software package to record the official meet results of 'A' meets.  Each team is responsible for recording the results of their home 'A' meets, which are then distributed among the team reps immediately following the meets, and are required to be sent to the division data coordinator for verification and posting to the NVSL site.  

Team Rep:  (We recommend two)
The team reps job really begins in February with NVSL meetings, and ends in September with a 'post season' NVSL reps meeting.  The reps job is to represent the team in the NVSL, to ensure NVSL rules and information are communicated throughout the team, and to make sure all of the volunteer positions are filled and that each meet runs smoothly.  

Officials' Clinics
If you are interested in learning more about any of these positions, please contact our team reps, and see the clinic schedule at the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) site for information about attending a free clinic to learn more about becoming an NVSL official.  Volunteers make the swim team possible, and we need your help!




Note:  Generally, meet start times for Saturday meets are 9:00 am, and for Monday evening meets 6:30 pm.  The actual time that officials and swimmers must be at the pool varies, and will be announced at practice prior to each meet.  Start times do occasionally vary for special meets such as time trials and relay carnivals.

Additionally, special activities for the kids will be scheduled throughout the season.  These will also be announced at practice, and posted on the bulletin board, in the newsletter, and sent out to the  NSSC-Dolphins-Swim E-Mail List.

NSSC Dolphin Swim!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!

NSSC Dolphin Swim!