2012 Dolphins Dive Team

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Welcome to Dolphin Diving! 

The 2012 NVSL Dive Season is going to be an exciting one for the North Springfield Dolphins. We are in Division 5 again this year. We’ll be facing some steep competition, as we will be diving against:  Chesterbrook, Old Keene Mill, Rolling Hills, Sleepy Hollow (SHRA) and Kent Gardens.

This year we’re hosting two home meets. We are looking for eager divers, as well as eager parents to participate in the many volunteer opportunities to support the dive team.  Experience is not required (for the diver or the parent).  I especially need parents who are interested in judging to participate in one of the judges' clinics so that we can share the volunteering responsibilities for the meets.  I am trying to arrange a clinic at North Springfield SC before the first meet.

Each home meet, we need to provide 3 table workers and 2 judges.  Each away meet, we need to provide 3 judges and 2 table workers.  I would really like to "spread the wealth" this summer and see some new faces volunteering.  All new parents are welcome to volunteer;  we are happy to train you and all are welcome regardless of experience.  I will be experimenting with a new sign-up process for meet volunteers so that we have volunteers in place before the start of the season.  More about that later!

It is my pleasure to announce our new Dive Coach, Amanda Imbriglia.  Mandy joins the Diving Dolphins with a love for the sport and a great deal of experience both on and off the boards.  She was a member of the Ravensworth Dive Team and Bishop Ireton Dive Team.  Last year, she was the Head Coach at Wakefield Chapel.  She comes highly recommended by Daniel Martin, who sadly had to say goodbye this year due to commitments at Virginia Tech this summer.  Mandy will continue where Daniel left off, working with all divers in every age group and skill level.  She will be emphasizing proper dive technique, good sportsmanship, teamwork, confidence on the board, and most of all having fun.  In addition to diving, we hope to offer a variety of fun activities and events for the kids with enough parent support and involvement, we can make it a fun and exciting year!

Jasmine Bounds and Jack Gigliotti will support Mandy with her coaching duties.

Please continue to check this NSSC Dolphins Dive web page for updated information. 

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Go Dolphins Divers!

June 5th  through June 14th  Monday through Thursday  afternoon practices [NO PRACTICE ON FRIDAYS].

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM     Afternoon Dive Practice

June 18th  through July 27th  morning practices.

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM     12 & under Morning Dive Practice
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM    13 & up Morning Dive Practice

** we will be offering an evening dive practice one day a week starting the week of June 18th (day and time to be announced).


June 2nd   (10:00 AM)   Coaches Clinic   -   Arlington Forest
June 10th   (9:45 AM)   Judges Clinic   -   Sideburn
June 19th   (6:30 PM)   Judges Clinic   -   Sleepy Hollow
June 27th   (6:30 PM)   Judges Clinic   -   Annandale


June 26th   (6:00 PM)   1st Dual Meet vs. Kent Gardens   -   (HOME)
July 3rd   (6:00 PM)   2nd Dual Meet vs. Rolling Hills   -   (AWAY)
July 10th   (6:00 PM)   3rd Dual Meet vs. Old Keene Mill   -   (AWAY)
July 15th   (8:00 AM)   Wally Martin Memorial 3M Dive Meet   -   Oak Marr
July 17th   (6:00 PM)   4th Dual Meet vs. Chesterbrook   -   (HOME)
July 22nd   (8:00 AM)   Crackerjack Meet Invitational   -   Truro
July 24th   (6:00 PM)   5th Dual Meet vs. Sleepy Hollow   -   (AWAY)
July 29th   (8:00 AM)   Divisional Championship Meet @    -   Old Keene Mill
June 29th   (6:00 PM)   Swim / Dive Awards Banquet  
Aug. 5th   (8:00 AM)   All Stars Championship Meet  

NSSC Dolphins Dive Season Schedule
can be accessed @   http://dive.mynvsl.com/  or the NSSC Events Calendar web page.  Please read the 2012 Dive Newsletter for any additional dive information.
NSSC DOLPHINS DIVE TEAM COACH:  Amanda Imbriglia <ami3pw@virginia.edu>.

NSSC DOLPHINS DIVE TEAM REPS:  Janelle & Dave Gigliotti - Please call 703-624-3647 or email:  <gigliotti5@me.com>  if you have any questions about the dive team.  
Go Dolphins Divers!

NVSL Dive Website:  http://dive.mynvsl.com/
ACTIVITY FEE:  $75.00 per child (parent volunteering required)

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