Welcome to NSSC Dolphins Dive 2018!

Dive Team Representative: 
Celeste Leyhe <celesteleyhe@yahoo.com>  
Txt: 703-347-3865

Dive Team Representative: 
Alison Dalsimer <aldal@live.com>  
Txt: 703-868-1513

Dive Coach: 
Cassandra Anderson 

Contact team reps to reach coach

Dive Team Update

A big welcome to 2018 Dive Coach, Cassandra Anderson!  Cassandra was head coach at Woodley pool in Falls Church last season and has attended the Mason Dive Coach Academy.  She currently dives with Alexandria Dive Club (ADC) and Robinson Secondary School.

Cassandra is excited to see current and new team members at our first practice May 30th from 6-7:30.

Open Bounce Dates/Exhibition:  Not sure if Dive is for you?  Want to give it a try before signing up?  For the first time this year, we are holding three open bounce dates.  We welcome all new divers. Ages 5-18.  Come see Cassandra and current dive team members.  We promise you’ll have fun!  Friday, along with the open boards, we’ll have a dive exhibition showing new divers what the current divers have learned through NSSC Dive.

Open Bounce Dates:
June 4th 6-7:30
June 6th 6-7:30
June 8th 6-8 (with exhibition)

Dive Practice Schedule:
Practices will start May 30 from 6 - 7:30
Practices are held Monday through Friday mornings (you can come after swim) 9-11am
Practices are also held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings.
Meets are Tuesday’s at 6pm..
See NS-SC event calendar for specific dates and times.

Let’s support our enthusiastic dive team!  With minimal time commitment you can help judge, referee and or keep score at the meet tables.  NVSL has clinics that will show you how. Contact Celeste or Alison with questions.

Clinic schedule:

June 14 6:30pm at Truro Pool (4146 Elizabeth Ln, Annandale)
June 21 6:30pm at Truro Pool

June 10 9:45am Sideburn Run Pool (10603 Zion Dr, Fairfax) -only 15 min away
June 24 2pm Chesterbrook Pool (1812 Kirby Rd, McLean)

(Meet) Table worker:
June 10 9:45 Sideburn Run

Meet schedule: (All meets at 6pm)
June 25 Mock Meet at home
June 26 NSSC at home vs Greenbriar
“B” meet TBD
July 3 NSSC at home vs Orange Hunt
July 10 NSSC away at Commonwealth
July 17 NSSC at home vs Stratford
July 24 NSSC away at Parliament
July 29 Divisional Meet at home (7:30am)
Sunday, July 29    Dolphins Teams Banquet 6-8:30pm


[Always check the NS-SC Dolphins Dive Team Calendar]

NSSC Dolphins Dive Season Schedule can be accessed @   
NSVSL Dive Web Site:   http://dive.mynvsl.com/ or the NSSC Events Calendar web page.  

NSSC DOLPHINS DIVE TEAM REP:  Celeste Leyhe <celesteleyhe@yahoo.com> if you have any questions about the dive team.  

NSSC DOLPHINS ASST. DIVE TEAM REP:  Alison Dalsimer <aldal@live.com> 

NVSL Dive Website:  http://dive.mynvsl.com/
ACTIVITY FEE:  $85.00 per child (parent volunteering required)

Go Dolphin Divers!

NS-SC.org Dolphins Dive Team receives 2017 Sportsmanship Award.

Congratulations to the NS-SC.org Dolphins Dive Team
recipient of the 
2017 NVSL Dive Sportsmanship Award. 

NS Dive