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Welcome to NSSC Dolphins Dive 2017!

Dive Team Representative: 
Bernadette Reilly <>  

Assistant Dive Team Representative: 
Celeste Leyhe <> 

Dive Coach: 

Dive Team Update

North Springfield Dive Team is in need of judges, referees, and meet workers. 

Below is a list of clinics for the 2017 dive season, which begins on 27 June.  If you are interested in volunteering your time and energy, please contact Dive Team Rep Bernadette Reilly ( or Assistant Rep Celeste Leyhe ( to register for the clinic.


Clinic Schedule 

Wednesday, 31 May    **checks and names for coach's clinic need to be submitted.

Saturday, 3 June          Coach's Clinic                        4-5:30              Overlee

Sunday, 4 June            Coach's Clinic                        9-12                 Parliament Pool

Sunday, 11 June          Team Reps                              8:30AM           Sideburn Run

Sunday 11 June           Meet Workers                         9:45AM           Sideburn Run

Sunday, 11 June          Judges                                     9:45AM           Sideburn Run

Thursday, 15 June       Referees                                  6:30PM           Truro

Sunday, 18 June          Judges                                     2PM                Oakton

Sunday, 25 June        Meet Workers                         2PM                6318 Glenbard Rd Burke

Sunday, 25 June          Referees Clinic                        4PM                Hamlet

Wednesday, 28 June   Judges Clinic                           6:30PM           Wakefield Chapel

For a complete schedule: Link


[Always check the NS-SC Dolphins Dive Team Calendar]
Monday, June 6th  through Friday July 24th 

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM     Sundays
 Dry Land & Practice
Monday, June 6th  through Thursday, June 23rd 
Evening Practices ONLY -- Monday-Thursday

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
   Dive ALL Ages Practice

Beginning Friday, June 24th through Friday, July 24th

Morning Practices:      Monday - Friday
 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM     Dive Practice 10 & Under
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM    Dive Practice 11 & Older

Evening Practices:      Monday & Thursday
 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM       Dive Practice For ALL Ages

Tuesday night meets begin on June 28th @ 6:00 PM


            June 28:     Springboard @ HOME    
   July 5:     @ Sleepy Hollow Rec    
   July 12:     @ Stratford    
   July 19:     Fairfax Station @ HOME    
   July 26:     @ Parliament    
   July 31:     Divisionals @ Parliament  


June 12th   (9:30 AM)   Tables, Judges   -   Sideburn Run
June 15th   (6:30 PM)   Referees Clinic #1   -   @ Truro
June 19th   (2:00 PM)   Judges Clinic #1   -   @ Oakton    
June 26th   (4:00 PM)   Referees Clinic #2   -   @ Hamlet
June 29th
(6:30 PM)
Judges Clinic #2
@ Wakefield Chapel

NSSC Dolphins Dive Season Schedule can be accessed @   
NSVSL Dive Web Site: or the NSSC Events Calendar web page.  

NSSC DOLPHINS DIVE TEAM REP:  Amy Williams - Please call 703.362.9146 or email:  if you have any questions about the dive team.  

NSSC DOLPHINS ASST. DIVE TEAM REP:  Alison Dalsimer <> 703‐868‐1513
NVSL Dive Website:
ACTIVITY FEE:  $85.00 per child (parent volunteering required)

Go Dolphin Divers!

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20160705 Dive Picture

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