Renate Thompson:  Treasurer

Renate Thompson: Treasurer
#ThankOurNSSCVolunteers Renate Thompson is the Treasurer of NSSC. Treasurer is such a small word to describe all the many many things Renate does for the Club at no charge. In this volunteer role, Renate stays on top of our books - receiving and recording all incoming funds for membership dues, guest fees, activity fees, clean-up fees, spirit wear, social events and concessions, as well as following up with members who are overdue in their payments. She brought NSSC into the modern era, by setting up and managing our PayPal account and enabling us to receive online credit card payments. She pays vendor invoices, and she processes payroll for staff including paying payroll taxes and filing quarterly and annual payroll tax forms. 

All of that is so much time-consuming work, and yet, she gives even more of herself by working with our insurance company to complete our annual renewal paperwork and submit claims as needed, completing paperwork for our annual county water permit and personal property tax return, and preparing the annual budget and financial statements for our board, membership & bank. She also works with Lisa Pritt, our Staff Manager to purchase necessary supplies for the pool and reimburses board members for items purchased for the Club.

In addition to all of this, Renate owns and operates her own CPA firm, Thompson, Hughes & Trollinger, P.L.L.C. - a demanding full-time job, plus she is a wife and mother to a middle-schooler. 

You have most likely seen Renate at the Club. She is there almost daily, and she works our membership table at events like Opening Day and National Night Out. Next time you see her, please take a moment to say hello and thank her for her selfless dedication to NSSC. Without volunteers like Renate, our Club could not operate.