Lisa Pritt:  Staff Manager

Lisa Pritt: Staff Manager
#ThankOurNSSCVolunteers Lisa Pritt is the Staff Manager at NSSC, as well as our pool operations guru and water aerobics instructor. She does all of this as a volunteer, at no charge to the Club!

Lisa takes on the huge task of recruiting, hiring, training and supervising our lifeguards and front desk staff all season. This means that Lisa is at the Club nearly every day, checking in on staff, as well as checking in on the pool itself. Lisa is the person to thank for managing to make sure the staff are keeping the pool safe for our kids to swim while at the same time making it a fun place to work. In fact, Lisa is the person to thank for the fact that the pool is open and available for use, because no lifeguards = no swimming.

Lisa also manages and troubleshoots our pool operations, maintaining the pool pumps, ordering the necessary chemicals and responding to any equipment failures. In addition, she orders all supplies for the bathrooms, and we are all grateful for that! ;)

And as if all that weren't enough, Lisa teaches water aerobics Monday - Thursday for our membership.

In addition to all of her selfless dedication to NSSC, Lisa is a Kindergarten Assistant at North Springfield Elementary School and is a wife and mother.

Please be sure to say hello to Lisa and extend a Thank You for all she does at NSSC. She is truly indispensable!