Dana Cibulski:  President

NS-SC.org President:  Dana Cibulski

#ThankOurNSSCVolunteers Dana Cibulski is the President of the NSSC Board of Directors and has held that position since 2013. But, Dana's involvement with NSSC goes back many years before that - all the way to 2001. Here are a few words from Dana regarding her volunteer work at our swim club, and when you see her around the Club, please be sure to stop, chat and thank her for her long-standing dedication and service to NSSC:

My family and I have been involved and helping around the swim club from our first year as members!
Over the years, we have found many ways to share our skills with the community. We joined the swim club in 2001 when we moved from New York City and our son, Lucas was 9 months old. Many of the friends I have today were made sitting on the edge of the baby pool at NSSC! Being a teacher, artist, and gardener, I saw how I could volunteer right away! I started a gardener’s club. We dug up plants from our own yards and built from scratch many of the flower beds still around the grounds today.

In 2007, when our son Lucas joined the swim team as a Little Flipper, I wasn’t sure how the meets worked yet, so I helped in the concessions area—I love food and to cook! Lucas also joined the dive team 2 years later when he was 8.

For the swim team, in addition to concessions, I have volunteered during the meets by being a timer, Marshall, and Clerk Of Course, working at the tables with the data and time cards. Just last week, I was Stroke and Turn Judge for the first time!

For dive team, I have judged, worked at the tables, and even announced a couple times. I also ran Spirit Nights for the teams every Friday during the season doing craft projects, poster making, car decorating to tie-dying t-shirts.

I was asked to join the Board of Directors in 2008 and was the Grounds and Spring Clean-up supervisor until 2012. From 2013-18, I have been President of the Board of Directors. That role changes somewhat given the strengths of the person. I am involved in almost every aspect of the running of the swim club from the organizing and training the front desk, membership, social activities, repairs to the facilities, advertising events at the pool, providing information for the weekly emails, etc. I helped to keep us on track and organized to get the new bathhouse renovation completed in 2016.

This year, I am trying to improve our recycling practices and provide more tennis classes at our club. Two social events that I do are the Annual Chili Cook-Off (this was our 8th year!) and I started last summer having a “Paint Night” on a Saturday night in July for adult members. I am an artist and art teacher, so I'm happy to share my passion there!