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Board Members 2017 Board of Directors

 President Dana Cibulski  703.642.0375
 (Call between  9:00 AM - 9:00 PM  only please)
 Vice-President Jennifer Williams Porter
 Treasurer Renate Thompson  703.941.8981
 Secretary Stephen Frey
 Operations Mike Dannholz
 Membership Director Membership Director  703.642.0375
 Membership Director Stephanie Southwick
 (taking over 2018)
 Swim Team Rep.
Samantha Batko
 Dive Team Rep.
Bernadette Reilly
 Tennis Team Rep. Jason Parker
 Staff Manager
Lisa Pritt  703.399.5490
 Social Events                    Director Kristy Balbuena  410.274.8543
 Member-At Large Skip Pirozzi  703.354.3571
Patti Brockmeier  703.941.1558
 Web Site / IT  --
Angelo F. Cruz  703.354.9636

Advisors and Committee Heads

 Asst. Swim Team Rep. VACANT   

 (Call between  9:00 AM - 9:00 PM  only please)
 Asst. Dive Team Rep. Celeste Leyhe
 Little Flippers Team Rep.  Kathy Ayers
  Laurell Wiersma  703.898.7160
 Concessions / Snack Shack Staff Alyssa Getsey
 Swim and Dive Meet Concessions  Celeste Leyhe

 Food Truck Coordinator Anne Goodwin
 Local Business Outreach (Fundraising)
Grace Neary
 Lost and Found Coordinator
 Front Desk Manager VACANT  
 Purchasing Agent
Kathy Dannholz

 Pool Staff

 Pool Manager  Kara Hoisington  703.896.6557
 Front Desk Staff Supervisor  VACANT  
 Head Swim Team Coach  Dori Kraus  703.863.7619
 Asst. Swim Team Coach  Rachel Neary
 Co-Dive Team Coach  
 Carson Goettlicher  571.275.3252
 Co-Dive Team Coach  

Board of Directors Openings:

Want to get involved and have more input into our neighborhood pool? Join our dynamic Board. This is particulary an exciting time, because we are planning the construction of our new bath house. We meet 3 times a year. The ‘outgoing’ people will help you transition into these slots.

  • Community Outreach:  We need someone to reach out to the community. Some ideas are: to plan signs, flyers, ads;  approach businesses and owners about placing banners at the pool; restaurant fund raising nights during the summer;  scheduling Food Truck Fridays.

Please, consider; this would help us make future improvements to our pool. Contact: Dana Cibulski <danacibulski@cox.netor call 704 6420375.

NSSC Pool Social News

The parties and events that we have at the pool are always a lot of fun and a lot of work for the person who plans them.  This year I thought we might try something different.  I was thinking that people could volunteer to organize a portion of a party.  For example, on opening day, during the Open House,  you could volunteer to be in charge of one game.  You pick the game and the time that you can do it.  So for 30 minutes to an hour of your time, you can help make a party a success.  You get the idea...

The more people that help the more events we can have... pot lucks, hamburger nights, pizza nights, wine & cheese tasting, etc.  

Please see the Social Calendar for summer events.  Please call or e-mail one of the Pool Board Members listed above, if you are able to help us as a Pool Social Events Coordinator.

Please contact one of the Pool Board Members listed above, if you are interested in volunteering for any activity or project for the pool.