20160703 NSSC Independence Day Cookout & Mini-Boat Regatta Race

NS-SC.org Independence Day Cookout & Mini-Boat Regatta Race!

July 3rd, 2016

2:00 PM - 7:00 PM

NSSC Independence Day Cookout & Mini-Boat Regatta Race

NS-SC.org Mini “Cardboard” Boat Regatta Race Rules

Boat building on Sunday,
July 3 from 2-3:30 pm 

Race Sunday, July 3 beginning at 6 pm


1. Boats are to be made of at least one clean reused or repurposed material; suggested materials include: foam noodles, milk cartons, juice boxes, plastic soda bottles, aluminum pie plates, juice containers, empty take-out Styrofoam containers, etc.
NOT ACCEPTED MATERIALS include: any glass, toxic/chemical containers, tissue paper, any thin paper that may disintegrate in water, materials with paint or dye that could leak into the water, etc.

2. All materials must be thoroughly cleaned (especially, if previously held liquids).

3. Paint, water soluble glue, or glitter should not be applied to the boat. 

4. All boats will be inspected prior to racing.

5. Any boat may be disqualified if a judge/pool official deems it a hazard to the filtration system (loose materials that cannot be quickly and securely attached, leftover liquids, etc.).

6. No boats bigger than 1’x 1’ (one square foot).

7. Boats will be encouraged across by one boat creator making waves/blowing at the sail (you may not touch the boat).

8. Both individuals and teams may compete.

9. Boats can be made at home and brought to the pool, or can be assembled at the boat building workshop. Duct tape, some recycled materials, cut up pool noodles, and straws for sails will be available at the workshop on Sunday; contestants may want to provide their own base to ensure they can participate.

10. Boats will be raced in the pool in age-based heats:
a. preschoolers to rising second graders 
b. rising third graders to rising sixth graders 
c. rising seventh graders to rising ninth graders 
d. rising tenth graders to recent high school grads 
e. adults

11. All boats are to remain out of the water once the race is complete.
Boat building ideas can be found here:





NS-SC.org Mini “Cardboard” Boat Regatta Race Rules!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night!

NSSC Noodle Night & Spirit Night
Go Dolphins!