20150606 NSSC Social-Chili Cook Off & Beer Tasting

NSSC Chili Cook Off!

June 6th, 2015

6:00 PM  - 9:00 PM

NSSC Chili Cook Off and Beer Tasting Event  

Bring your home-cooked chili and judges will select the best ones.  Bring your favorite home brew or store-bought beer for a beer tasting in several "fun" categories like "most hoppy.”

  • Bring your favorite chili before 6:00 PM to be judged by local firefighters
  • Chili Judging will promptly be between 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM.
  • Bring your favorite beer  home brew or bought  and share with other for tasting and voting in fun categories like 'most hoppy,' 'best color,' etc.
  • Beer Tasting:  7:00 PM - 8:00 PM.
  • Prices below include hot dogs, chili, lots of toppings, salad, cornbread, beer tasting (not for the kiddies!), and lemonade tasting (available for the kiddies!).
  • Dolphin Snack Shack will be open too!
  • Adults  $5.00;  
  • Children (3-12 years old)  $3.00
  • Children 2 and under are free
Includes chili tasting, hotdogs, tons of great toppings, cornbread. salads, drinks.  Beer tasting is included for adults over 21.

For more info contact, :   Amy Williams  <amy@crossoveravs.com>

we can bring enough food for you ***

Please include the following information below in your e-mail message.
Family Name        # of adults    # of children    Bringing Chili    Bringing Beer
                                ($5 per)        ($3 per)          for judging?       for tasting?

The Great NSSC Chili Cook Off Event

Bring your chili in a crock pot BEFORE 6PM, when judging begins. We will plug it in. Tasting happens between 6-6:30pm. Winners announced at ~7:15 PM. There are a few categories (more may be added):

  • Hottest chili
  • Best tasting chili
  • Best white/chicken chili
  • Best vegetarian chili
  • Best chili for kids

-- eating begins at 6:30pm. Everyone gets to chose 3 chilis to eat. There will also be hot dogs, cornbread, salad, cookies, lemonade.

NSSC Beer Tasting Event

Beer Tasting will be from 7-8:00 PM, with winners announced shortly after.  Beer categories (more may be added):

  • Most hoppy
  • Most complex
  • Best tasting beer
  • Best looking beer
  • Best color
  • Best home brew
  • Best nose
  • Best store bought
  • Smoothest

Beer tasting for adults over 21.

Bring 2-3 bottles of your favorite beer BEFORE 7:00 PM.  It can be purchased, from a micro brewery, domestic, foreign, IPA, home brew—whatever you like to drink yourself!  Please write your name on the bottles you bring so we know the winners!  The tasting will be from 7-8:00 PM.  There are ballots with 10 different categories, if you want to do that.  Or just come by and taste a few!  Winners announced at 8:00 PM.

QUESTIONS:  Please contact Amy Williams <amy@crossoveravs.com>

See you there!

NSSC Beer Tasting!

NSSC Chili Cook Off!

NSSC Beer Tasting!

NSSC Chili Cook Off!