20140613 NSSC Social-Dunkin' for Dounts

NSSC Chili Cook Off!

June 13th, 2014

6:00 PM  - 8:00 PM

NSSC Social - Dunkin' for Donuts - Kids Party (12 years and younger)  

Annual kids party!  Open to members pre-school and elementary school age.  Pizza, donuts, water, decorating donuts, and other dounut-related games  it's a Donut-Palooza!  There will be lemonade and watermelon, too!  Pay at the door!

    Cost:   $3.00 per child for pizza, donuts & games
$3.00 per adult (must) accompany child
 MUST Sign-up at the Front Desk before
Thursday, June 12th, 8:00 PM
[Sign-up will be strictly upheld!]

Sign-up sheet at Front Desk

Contact:   Sonya Bingham  <sonyabingham@gmail.com>

NSSC Diving for Donuts!

NSSC Diving for Donuts!