2014 TBA NSSC Social-Annual Crab Feast Event

2014 TBA NSSC Social-Annual Crab Feast Event

TBA, 2014
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

NSSC Steamed Crab Feast Party  
Cost:  TBA

(Pool will close early this evening for the Annual NSSC Crab Feast Event.)  Sign-up at the front desk!
Adults only please;  18 years and older.
Annual adult party, this year, we will be serving Capt. Pell's famous steamed crabs!  Lively music, dancing, and the NSSC Pool Staff will be serving the entire crowd for this event!

Hey everyone!  The date for the adult pool party will be announced SOON.  Hope all of you can come!  We will be having crabs, shrimp, salad, rolls, dessert.  We will provide soda, water, and ice.  The party will be BYOB, which works well we have found.  We will have lifeguards to watch over us and serve us while we eat.  Truly will be a fun evening!  

Anyone is welcome, invite friends and family.  We will need your money ahead of time to determine how much crabs and shrimp to buy.  More later!!!

Thanks, NSSC Social Steamed Crab Feast Planning Group

Any feedback or suggestions is greatly appreciated!

Contact:   Sonya Bingham <sonyabingham@gmail.com>

2014 TBA NSSC Social-Annual Crab Feast Event